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“Congratulations on a wonderful book! I spent a couple of hours reading through it and found it to be so realistic it almost scared me. I have always felt that if we are going to reach these students we must communicate on their level. This does!”
- John D. Dalton, Assistant Dean for Student Services,
University of Florida

“My friends passed it around for about 2 hours during the Super Bowl! They loved it. I couldn't believe it. Those guys don’t read anything!”

- Senior, University of Toledo

“I’ve been in the student life business for 13 years and this is the best I’ve seen!”

- Dr. David Smith, Dean of Students,
Kansas Weslyan University

“We’re very proud of our orientation program - 80% - 90% of our students opt to participate! This book is an integral part of it and has been an overwhelming success. I tell students and parents that the seminar is worth the price just for the book alone.”

- Don Willis, Associate Dean of Students,
Missouri Western State College

“The most powerful resource we have in teaching students is the students themselves. Research shows that students’ influence on other students is greater than that of professors, curriculums, libraries, advisers or any other teaching tool.”

- John Gardner, National Resource Center for First Year Experience,
University of South Carolina

“I got some real looks when we decided to use this ‘funny little book’ as our text, but I’m here to tell you that the book works! I wish you could see what students wrote when asked to summarize it on a personal level...”

- Bobby Parker, Alabama State University

“Of all the things we’ve given our incoming freshmen, this book has made the greatest impact.”

- Dr. Carolyn Rants, Morningside College

“During my years as a college adviser, our department often gave advice books to students - they never got past the first paragraph! This book will be read. it’s the perfect delivery system!”

- Rachel Votruba, High School counselor

“I’m a junior at Brown University and I picked the book upon a whim for my brother who’s a senior in high school. I read through it and was amazed at how true the title is. It really is just about everything that I should’ve known before I left for college. If my brother really absorbs even half of it, he’s going to have it ten times easier than I did!”

- Junior, Brown University

“It’s like having your best friend say, ‘I’m gonna tell you exactly what you need to know.’ I found myself nodding in agreement with every chapter. Every college student should read this.”

- Dr. Meladee McCarty, Educator,
Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

“I was a career counselor at the University of Texas for 7 years. I primarily helped seniors who were graduating and attempting to launch their careers. Many of the students I served were just discovering-as they were LEAVING the university - some of the things they ‘should’ve’ done to make the most of college. That was tough for me to see day after day after day.... I love your book!”

- Jeff McIlroy, University of Texas

“It’s what every tuition-paying parent wants their college son or daughter to know in a book they’ll actually read!”

- Linda Newman Parent, Venice, Florida

“The Office of the Provost discovered your publication and we love it! provides excellent discussion for both students and parents. All of our entering freshmen will receive a copy during orientation and certainly it should be with our RA’s, Student Affairs and Services personnel, as well as advisors in our academic community.”

- Linda Lou Smith, Asst. to the Provost,
Michigan State University

“An underground can be read in an hour, but the advice will help you through the next four years.”

- College Bound Magazine

“As a college instructor with over twenty years of experience, I can say without qualification or conditions that this is a book that should be passed out to all students at freshman orientation.

My favorite sections were about interacting with your instructors and understanding that for most people, the major is of limited relevance. In terms of interacting with instructors, simply talking to them on a regular basis and showing interest in the subject is the best way to get yourself over the top if your grade is on the border. I have never failed to give the student who showed interest and a desire to succeed the higher grade when the issue is in doubt. Students who try to excuse their way out the last week have never gotten it. In conversations with my colleagues, that opinion is universal.

This is one of the best books about how to really succeed in college currently available. The best part about it is that it is interesting and lacks that dull pedantry that seems to be a requirement in all the "How to Succeed in College" pamphlets that colleges and universities hand out to their students.”

- Charles Ashbacher - Marion, Iowa

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